By August 1918, allied involvement in the Russian Far East was now more intensive and, at least theoretically, more organised.  On show here are two postcards from the time. At the top is a postcard printed in Japan which depicts “The majestic sight of the allied naval fleet in the port of Vladivostok”, with portraits of the three senior allied commanders of (left to right) the United States of America, Japan, and the United Kingdom.  Beneath is a real photo postcard showing, as a handwritten note on the card’s reverse says “Naval Gun on Railway Trolley at Vladivostok. August 1918.”

The first was sent to a lady called Nellie by someone called Fred.  It is interesting to note Fred’s geopolitical imprecision at the end.  “This is a view of the Port of Vladivostok.  What do you think of it, Nellie? I thought you would like these views.  Fancy, all the way from China.”

Vladivostok postcard (1918)  Cooke.Postcards

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