The leader nearly lost

This 1926 guidebook to Moscow provides information about the locations of significant events of a revolutionary nature from the 19th and 20th centuries.  On page 207, in the section for the Zamoskvoretskii District, an event is described that could – if it had been successful – changed the entire course of the civil war.

The death of Uritskii on the morning of 30 August did not alter Lenin’s plans to appear without significant protection at a Moscow factory that afternoon, and he was struck by two bullets as he left.  Seriously injured, Lenin would survive and recover, although the bullets would remain in his body until removal in 1921.

While true responsibility for the assassination attempt is still debated, the Socialist Revolutionary Fanni Kaplan was arrested on the spot.  She took full responsibility for the act and was executed a few days later.

Po revoliutsionnoi Moskve (1926)  CCD.54.225

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