Allies and enemies

In the West, the primary concern about the revolution remained its impact on the course of the Great War.  Over the course of eight days in August 1918, seven articles about the influence of Germany on the Bolsheviks were published in The Times.  On display is the cover of the booklet in which these were subsequently republished.

The author does not even use a pseudonym but is described as “an influential Russian who has played an important part in the political affairs of his country”.  The articles make for interesting reading and end with the 26 August article ‘How to checkmate the Germans and to save Russia’.  “At Vladivostok,” the author writes, “there is complete chaos.  Various “Governments” are engaged in a desperate struggle for influence and mastery” – a quotation which segues nicely on to the next pair of exhibits.

Russia in the German grip : the policy of the Allies (1918)  1919.9.360

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