Eight sons and six daughters

Ambrose Rookwood was executed in 1696 as a Catholic traitor who had plotted against King William III and wanted to restore James II as King of England. This image shows two pieces of writing relating to his life.  The printed page is a testimony drawn up by Rookwood before his execution in an attempt to defend himself before his death. The manuscript gives details about his family; his father (also Ambrose) and mother Elizabeth had eight sons and six daughters, this Ambrose being mentioned about halfway down the page as 6th son. We learn what his brothers did; some died young, others became priests or monks. To find out more, click ‘Extended captions’.

True Copy of the Paper Delivered by Brigadier Rookwood, to the Sheriff at Tyburn, the Place of Execution (1696)

MS Hengrave 76/1

This item was included in an exhibition marking 500 years since the start of the religious Reformation in Europe. The exhibition includes manuscripts and written texts describing the way people remembered the events of the Reformation and its effects on their daily lives. More details of the printed sheet and manuscript here can be seen from the link below, and you can browse further into the exhibition from there.


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