From the crown of a Zulu King

The ostrich feather shown here was part of the crown worn by Zulu King Cetshwayo at his installation in 1873; the framed photograph shows the crown, which included feathers dyed crimson. The pen which sits alongside was used by Zulu leaders on 1 September 1879 to sign the Treaty of Ulundi which concluded the Anglo-Zulu War. After this King Cetshwayo was sent into exile and Zululand was divided into thirteen independent chieftainships.

To find out more about Cetshwayo and see a portrait of him, follow this link:

Cetshwayo ka Mpande 

Ostrich feather from the crown of Cetshwayo ka Mpande (ca 1826–1884), King of the Zulu, and Treaty of Ulundi pen

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