Nueva y famosa relacion de las atrocidades de Sebastiana del Castillo y el trágico fin de su vida despues de haber muerto á su padre, madre y hermanos

Sebastiana del Castillo: new and famous account of the atrocities of Sebastiana del Castillo and the tragic end of her life after she had killed her father, mother and brothers.

Barcelona: Imprenta de Llorens, [1842–1898?]

The story of Sebastiana, who killed her parents and brothers, was published many times over, and the text of the tale remains more or less constant. Different printers used widely varying images to depict her, however, emphasizing differing aspects of her life and reputation. The title of the edition here mentions the tragic end of her life (rather than, as elsewhere, the atrocities she committed) but the illustration shows her in dynamic and triumphant mode, dressed as a man and giving every appearance of being a revolutionary leader. The four heads displayed do not include those of her parents, who were subjected to a singularly gruesome fate.


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