Sebastiana del Castillo: curioso romance en que se declaran las atrocidades de Sebastiana del Castillo …

Curious ballad about the atrocities committed by Sebastiana del Castillo; it explains how she killed her two brothers because they locked her up for over a year so that she wouldn’t see her lover, and the punishment that she received, with the further details that will be seen.

Lérida: Imprenta de la Viuda Corominas, 1845

Sebastiana here appears in vigorous and decisive mode. Although not obviously in male attire, she is not mounted side-saddle, as a woman would usually be. With spurs on her boots and sword in hand (the left hand, interestingly) this image, unusually enlivened by sparse mountain vegetation, suggests her as heroine despite the title which makes her wrongdoings (atrocidades) clear. The folded sheet shows how multiple copies of the story were printed simultaneously; this sheet would usually have been cut at the top and the two separate sheets folded and sold separately.


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