Nueva relacion y curioso romance donde se da cuenta de la amorosa conversacion que tuvo un senor sacerdote con Dios nuestro Senor …

New tale and curious ballad in which we are told of the loving conversation between a priest and Christ our Lord, when the latter had appeared at the priest’s door disguised as a pauper asking for alms: and we are also told of the terrible fate that befell his maid, by name of the unfortunate Teresa, with all that the curious reader will see further.

Madrid: Imprenta de Siges y Sotos, [1750–1850?]

This early edition of Teresa’s tale places emphasis on a conversation held by the priest with Christ, rather than on Teresa’s own fate. Unusually, the attractive and carefully composed image seems to relate precisely to the story, in which we see the fate of the maid on the left, and the figures in the conversation on the right. The implied sequence, however, is not consistent to the same degree. The left-hand section of the image depicts what comes later in the narrative, as the punishment comes from the maid having received Christ with discourtesy.


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