Atrocidades de Margarita Cisneros: Relación puesta en décimas glosadas, de lo que cometiò esta joven natural de Tamarite, reino de Aragón, el año 1852: por haberla obligado sus padres à un casamiento forzoso en la ciudad de Lérida

Atrocities committed by Margarita Cisneros: relation of events in glossed stanzas explaining what this young woman, native of Tamarite, Kingdom of Aragon, committed in 1852 when her parents forced her into an arranged marriage in the city of Lerida.

[Barcelona?] : Imps. Hospital, 19 “El Abanico”, [1810-1850?]

The level of detail of time and place in the title suggests that this may be based on a true incident. The story gives another example of the unfortunate consequences arising when parents force a girl into a marriage against her wishes, and the moral for parents is brought out strongly at the end. Nonetheless, Margarita’s crime of killing her husband is one she fully recognizes, and she declares that she should be executed.

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