La desgraciada Teresa. Nueva relacion, en que se da cuenta de la amorosa conversacion que tuvo un sacerdote con Cristo Senor nuestro …

Wretched Teresa: New story in which we are told of the loving conversation between a priest and Christ our Lord, when the latter had appeared at the priest’s door disguised as a pauper asking for alms: and the disastrous end that befell a maid of his named Teresa.

Valladolid: Imprenta de Santaren, [1819–1900?]

The ‘unfortunate’ (desgraciada) priest’s maidservant Teresa failed to respond charitably to a beggar, in fact Christ in disguise, in this frequently re-told story, and was punished by being attacked by demons disguised as animals. In this example the five animals appear to be dogs or wolves, though the text identifies them as cats. The image on the right seems to be a woodcut of earlier date, and it is not clear which part of the story it refers to. The intention of both images is to focus upon the shocking fate of the maid that is alluded to at the end of the long title.


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