A robbery – October 1, 1783

Norwich: printed by W. Chase and Co., [1783]

These fragile notices – two examples on show produced by the same printer in Norwich – are exceedingly rare survivals, being the only known copy of each. Such handbills would have been pasted in public places and handed out to locals in the areas where the crimes were committed, in this case Necton and Bradenham, both about 25 miles west of Norwich. They served dual purposes, making a community aware of crime (rather like a newspaper) and notifying people of the possibility of a reward for information leading to conviction. In the case of the robbery of the wife of Mr Henry Fenn, it is recorded that a reward of ten guineas would be payable for information which led to prosecution, in addition to the £40 reward offered by the Government (a total of £50 10s, equivalent to about £5000 today).


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