Plan of the campaign

‘An officer of one of the regiments on the service’
Second, and improved edition of the plan of the campaign of the Netherlands, comprising the whole scene of action…
Derby: printed for the author by G. Wilkins, [1815?]

This map published to explain the campaign shows the entire theatre of operations, and demonstrates the strategic importance assumed on 16 June by the crossroads at Quatre Bras. This was where the main road from Charleroi to Brussels crossed the road running east to the Prussian position at Ligny. Wellington and Blücher knew that only by acting together could they match Napoleon’s strength, and for that they needed to maintain communications between their two armies. After his defeat at Ligny Blücher could have withdrawn his Prussian army towards Germany, but, trusting that Wellington would fight, he chose to retreat to Wavre so as to maintain contact. Wellington made his stand at Waterloo because he knew that Blücher was close enough to intervene.

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