Blücher and Wellington

Edward Orme (1775–1848)
Historic, military, and naval anecdotes, of personal valour, bravery, and particular incidents which occurred to the armies of Great Britain and her allies, in the last long-contested war, terminating with the Battle of Waterloo…
London: Edward Orme, 1819
Harley-Mason.a.78, plate opposite p. 42

Success at Waterloo depended all day long on coordinated action between the British and their Allies, and the Prussian Army. This was symbolized by the meeting between Blücher and Wellington, after nine o’clock on the evening of 18 June, probably somewhere close to La Belle Alliance. For both the exhausted commanders it was an emotional moment. Blücher, whose English and French were very limited, could only exclaim ‘Quelle affaire’, embracing Wellington with a heartfelt ‘Mein lieber Kamerad!’

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