For ever styled The Royal Library

This extract is taken from the draft letter in the University’s Grace Book Theta, writing with all haste to George I to thank him for the gift they had made. The second and third paragraphs read:

The noble collection of Books & Manuscripts gathered by in many years by the Great Industry & Accurate Judgment of the Late B[isho]p of Ely, tho’ in itself exceedingly valuable, is upon no account so Welcome to Yr. University, as it is a Testimony of Yr. Royal Favour, the Memory of w[hi]ch will be constantly preserv’d by this Ample Benefaction, worthy to bear the Title of the Donor & to be for ever styled the Royal Library.

Liberty & Learning are so united in their fortunes that Yr. Majesty’s known Character of being the great Protectour of the Liberty of Europe led us to expect w[ha]t our experience has now Confimed. That you w[oul]d soon appear the Patron & Encourager of Learning. Such Royal Qualitys must necessarily produce the proper returns of Duty & Affection: Yr. University will endeavour, as she is bound to do by the strongest Tyes of Interest and gratitude, to promote the happiness of Yr Governm[ent] and tis with the greatest pleasure she observes that some there are whose Youth was formed under her care, of whose Abilitys & fidelity Yr. Majesty has had the fullest experience.

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