The Lockhart Plot

A February 1918 exhibit referred to the British representative Bruce Lockhart, at that point favourably received by the Soviets.  In September 1918, his luck ran out.  The events at the end of August – the assassination of Uritskii, the attack on Lenin, deaths in the British Embassy – persuaded the Bolsheviks that a plot to overthrow Soviet power had begun and that Lockhart was part of it.  He was arrested then re-arrested a few days later.

The story of the so-called Lockhart Plot is told in the book shown here by one of the other characters it involved – the rather mysterious Sidney Reilly, described in Lockhart’s memoirs as “the mystery man of the British secret service”.  Both men got out of Russia in 1918, but Reilly eventually went back and disappeared for good in the mid-1920s.

The adventures of Sidney Reilly / a narrative written by himself ; edited and completed by his wife (1931)  201.c.93.48

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