Japanese intervention

In the summer of 1918, a coordinated Japanese-US-UK intervention in the Russian Far East would take place (this will be a focus of the August set of exhibits), but Japan had already had a military presence in Russia for several months by that point..

International intervention in the Russian Civil War remained a potent topic for decades to come.  In 1940, when this book (The defeat of Japanese intervention in the [Russian] Far East (1918-1922)) was published, relations between the Soviet Union nor Japan were extremely tense. While neither power technically entered the Second World War until 1941, the two had met in action in 1939 as Japan sought to take some Soviet territory.  The publication of a book outlining the ill-fated nature of previous Japanese incursions was unlikely to be coincidental.  The cover illustration, shown here, shows a USSR flag planted firmly in the Union’s eastern territory.

Razgrom iaponskoi interventsii na Dalʹnem Vostoke (1918-1922 gg.) / G. Reikhberg (1940)  586:9.c.90.89

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