Czechoslovaks in Siberia

Some of the Czechoslovak Legion would reach Vladivostok in 1918 but their departure from Russia, aiming to join Entente forces elsewhere, would be completed long after World War One was over.  The impact of the Legion on the Civil War in Siberia was considerable.  After the Cheliabinsk incident, the Czechoslovaks fought Red forces along their path to the Pacific.

On show is an excerpt from a chronicle of the conflict in Siberia in 1917 to 1918.  These pages show part of May 1918, with double Old and New Style dates.  The Czechoslovak Legion features liberally.  Within two days of the outbreak of hostilities, they had taken three towns, and their progress across Siberia in late May alone is staggering.  On 31 May, an entry reports three more major towns falling into Czechoslovak hands – but here we also have mention of White Forces in Siberia.  The Civil War was now spreading rapidly across Asian Russia.

Khronika grazhdanskoi voiny v Sibiri, 1917-1918 / V. Maksakov i A. Turunov (1926)  586:9.c.90.31

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