British intervention

Foreign intervention in the Russian Civil War was a significant topic in histories of the war.  This book is called English intervention in 1918-1920.  The British had tried to intervene through official and less official diplomatic channels before, but by June 1918, their troops were in the country.  The spring had seen British troops arrive in the Russian North; by the end of the summer, they would also be present in the Russian Far East.

This striking front cover, showing a figure complete with stereotypical monocle and pipe, is by A. Shcherbakov.  The beginning of his name can just be seen below the date in the bottom right-hand corner – А. ЩЕРБАКО[В].  Shcherbakov seems to have been known primarily for his illustration of children’s books; the Russian State Children’s Library site has some wonderful examples of his covers including a 1935 one with a very similar style to the cover on display here.

Angliiskaia interventsiia v 1918-1920 gg / E. IAkushkin i S. Polunin (1928)  9586.e.90

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