Ataman Krasnov

In May 1918, the Don Cossacks declared their own independent republic; this can be seen north of the Caucasus in a map used in another section of the exhibition.  Elected in May as the head of the Don Cossack Host, in the role of Ataman (or Hetman), was Petr Krasnov.  Krasnov would serve as the head of the powerful Don Army until February 1919, when it joined other anti-Bolshevik armies in Southern Russia to form a united force led by Anton Denikin.

Petr Krasnov would go on to lead anti-Soviet activities in the West and he also became a writer of historical fiction.  On display is an original cover from the University Library’s 4-volume set of his novel From double-headed eagle to the red flag.  The dramatic illustration shows the eagle and flag of the title, with what appears to be the head of the pivotal figure Rasputin accompanying the red colour as it draws across the imperial emblem.

Ot dvuglavago orla k krasnomu znameni / Petr Krasnov (v. 3, 1930)  757:26.d.90.307

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