A trace of Wrangel

One of the most important White figures was Petr Vrangel’ (normally Wrangel in English).  Wrangel led southern forces after Anton Denikin resigned, and he decided the mass evacuation from the Black Sea coast referred to in earlier exhibits.  In emigration, Wrangel was hugely influential, and Soviet-sponsored foul play was suspected in his death in 1928 at the age of 49.

Here is displayed a dedication written by Wrangel in a book about the Russians in Gallipoli, re-discovered in the Library’s Russian history section.  It reads:

To the esteemed Nikolai Nikolaevich Shebeko [who served as a diplomat under the tsar, fought with the Whites, and emigrated to France] – a tale about the via dolorosa of those who brought out to a foreign land and faithfully preserve the national Russian flag. Gen. Wrangel

Russkie v Gallopoli  / avtory, V.F. Baumgarten [and 17 others] (1923)

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