Bunin to Shlovskii/Dioneo

On display here is a pre-revolutionary dedication, from Bunin to the “much-esteemed Isaak Vladimirovich Shklovskii” and dated 7 February, 1915.  Shklovskii (1864-1935) was a celebrated author, ethnographer, translator and scholar who published under the pseudonym Dioneo. As with the Kul’mans, his works are now little known, yet Shklovskii – who was based in London – was one of the most distinguished leaders of the anti-Bolshevik opposition in emigration.

Another book which belonged to Shklovskii featured in the Revolution : the First Bolshevik Year exhibition.  A copy of a book called The Red terror, it has the owner’s signature on the top of its front cover.  A picture of the cover and more about the piece can be found here.

Chasha zhizni : razskazy, 1913-14 g. / Ivan Bunin (1915)

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