The print revolution

Biblia Latina
[Mainz: Johann Gutenberg and Johannes Fust, ca 1455]

The first Western European book to be printed using movable type was the Gutenberg Bible. Around 180 copies of this Latin Bible were produced by Johann Gutenberg and Johannes Fust in Mainz in 1454–5. Gutenberg’s technological innovations – the press itself, the metal type and the oil-based ink that adhered to it – revolutionised book production and were rapidly adopted by others across Europe. The University Library copy is bound in two volumes, dividing after the Book of Psalms.

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Extracts from the Bible are also included within Words that changed the world, an iPad app with discussion by Ed Potten, Head of Rare Books, which can be downloaded by following this link.

Inc.1.A.1.1[3761], ff. [292v–293r]

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