Paul Éluard (1895–1952), En avril 1944: Paris respirait encore!: poème de Paul Éluard illustrant sept gouaches de Jean Hugo

Paris: Éditions de la Galerie Charpentier, [1945]

‘In April 1944 Paris was still breathing!’ reproduces Éluard’s handwritten manuscript with deletions and corrections, together with seven gouaches by Jean Hugo (1894–1984), a distinguished artist, and great-grandson of Victor Hugo. This first edition of 945 numbered copies was printed on 15 April 1945. Only on this last page does the poet refer directly to the Occupation and the Liberation. The Germans had threatened to blow up the bridges of Paris. He writes, ‘No one can destroy the bridges which lead us to sleep and from sleep to our dreams, and from our dreams to eternity. Enduring city where I have lived our victory over death.’

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