Alum-tawed pigskin over beechwood boards, possibly attributable to Konrad Dinckmut, c. 1480

Niccolò Perotti (1430–80)
Rudimenta grammatices
Milan: Antonius Zarotus, 15 December 1479

This book demonstrates both the burgeoning contemporary international trade in books, and their local use. Printed in 1479 in Milan, the book had moved in sheets, unbound, to Southern Germany by the early 1480s. It was bound in Ulm, probably by the bookbinder Konrad Dinckmut, who reused two waste leaves from an otherwise lost printed edition of Johannes de Turrecremata of c. 1480 to line the boards. The Turrecremata was printed in Reutlingen, 50 miles east of Ulm, and the binding was commissioned for the famous Charterhouse Library at Buxheim, 30 miles south of Ulm, where it remained until the nineteenth century.


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