Collectar (2)

Initial D for the Collect for St Dominic
MS Add. 2770, f. 68r
Dunstable, ca 1430–1450

This page is from the section containing the Collects and has Deus qui ecclesiam tuam beati dominici confessoris tui for the 4 August feast of St Dominic. The illuminated initial containing a flower with a large aroid and a short border spray show characteristic ornament of the period ca 1430 to ca 1470 in English illumination, and the book might date from the third quarter of the century rather than the second quarter as has been suggested. The Calendar and Litany both contain the rare Saint Fremund whose relics were at the nearby priory of Augustinian canons in Dunstable. The Calendar also contains some other English saints not usually found in Dominican Calendars. The Dominican Collectar was printed in 1607 with some text revisions after the Council of Trent, and several other editions were published in the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

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