Breviary (1)

Explicit of Anton Koberger with 1485 date facing the Epistle/Gospel list
Breviarium Fratrum Praedicatorum
Anton Koberger, Nuremberg, 1485

The first dated printed edition of the Dominican Breviary was produced at Milan in 1476. Four further editions were printed in 1477, 1481, 1483 and 1484, before this edition by Anton Koberger made in Nuremberg in 1485. The image shows on the left-hand page the explicit recording the date, place and printer. It was customary for Breviaries to contain material relating to the texts of the Missal, and the facing page has the beginning of the list of the Epistles and Gospels for the Masses for the church year, beginning with those for the First Sunday of Advent. There are some few differences in these readings from the Roman Missal. On this page that is so for the Gospels for the First and Second Sundays of Advent. The Roman rite has Erunt signa in sole (Luke 21:25–33) for the First Sunday, whereas the Dominicans used it for the Second Sunday. They used the Gospel relating Christ’s entry into Jerusalem, Cum appropinquassent (Matthew 21:1–9) for Advent I until their Missal was revised after the Council of Trent. The Entry into Jerusalem Gospel for Advent I was common in many diocesan rites, for example that of the Sarum use. As usual for Breviaries the book is small in size.

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