Cetshwayo ka Mpande

Frances Ellen Colenso, The ruin of Zululand: an account of British doings in Zululand since the invasion of 1879
2 vols, London: W. Ridgway, 1884-85
Vol. 2, RCS.A.582c.3, original print tipped in as frontispiece
Photography: Alexander Bassano, 1882

A head and shoulders portrait of Cetshwayo taken during his visit to Britain in 1882, when he was presented to Queen Victoria. In the following year, Cetshwayo was restored to a part of his former possessions, now divided by civil war, but he was defeated by rival leaders at the second battle of Ulundi, and placed himself under British protection. Cetshwayo died from a reported heart attack on 8 February 1884.

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