Paul Hadol, La ménagerie impériale, composée des ruminants, amphibies, carnivores, et autres budgetivores qui ont dévoré la France pendant 20 ans.

The caricatural series entitled “The Imperial menagerie” was commercialised by the satirical magazine L’Eclipse. Here the French Republic is shown as a woman leading the viewer towards an exotic funfair-type exhibition of human-animal hybrids from the French imperial family and its supporters. The caricaturist, Paul Hadol (1835-1875), created this gallery of the “ruminants, amphibians, carnivores” and other “budgetivores” who had been “devouring France for 20 years”.

Paris: Chez Rossignol, Au Bureau de L’Eclipse, [1870]

CUL, KF.3.9 

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