Collection de caricatures et de charges pour servir à l’histoire de la guerre et de la révolution de 1870-1871.

Though many of the caricatures produced during the Franco-Prussian War and the Paris Commune appeared as feuilles volantes, or single sheets, often series would be packaged together at a later date and sold as an album. This way, a customer could more easily acquire a complete set in a single transaction – especially once systems of distribution had been normalised after the Commune. This printing economy lasted for months after the Commune for the most popular caricature series. 

The first of the six Cambridge volumes of 1870-71 caricatures starts with a newspaper cutting of an article from The Athenaeum (Journal of English and foreign literature, science, the fine arts, music and the drama), dated 26 October 1872.

The London-based booksellers Dulau & Co, who compiled at least three sets of Franco-Prussian caricatures, describe the contents of one of them, available for purchase, along with a collection of contemporary French satirical journals: La Lanterne, Le Sifflet, Le Grelot, L’Eclipse, Le Père Duchêne, Le fils du Père Duchêne, the Journal Officiel of the Commune, etc. 

CUL, KF.3.9 (donated by Frederick Justen, Dulau & Co, in 1906)

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