Cham (Charles Amédée de Noé), Les Folies de la Commune

Les Folies de la Commune is a series of caricatures by one of the most famous artists active during the Commune, Charles Amédée de Noé (1818-1879), using the pseudonym Cham. He venomously portrayed the excesses of the Commune with satirical bite.

Advertisements for the sale of the albums on the back pages of the satirical newspaper L’Éclipse, the original publisher, described this collection as ‘an elegant, colourful album’. Les Folies was available as late as October 1871 – months after the final communards had been executed in late May.  

Paris (16 rue du Croissant): au Bureau du journal L’Éclipse, [1871]

CUL, KF.3.12

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